Building a new business model

Here we combine equity with blockchain technology, according to the huge application potential of NFT in the digital asset market.


FET value embodiment and application scenarios

FET will become the first equity certificate of UMC (universal membership community), and the original owners of digital assets can grant new lifetime authorization through token.


State Governance


State equity dividend


It has the attribute of consumption


Equity replacement

FMT value embodiment and Application scenario

FMT is the equity product of FET (first equity token), and its attribute is the same as usdt. In our foreign exchange reserves, traditional currencies always support each currency at a price of 1:1.


Application in consumption system


Can be used as fuel for early UMC extraction


Participate in the node election


Equity replacement

Company introduction

 Sunshine Capital Management Co., Ltd



Backbone enterprises and venture capital institutions in the field of blockchain technology committed to the innovation and development of China’s blockchain industry and university.

Mission Statement:


It aims to incubate and preach for the blockchain industry, help entrepreneurs through decentralization, and benefit everyone.



It is committed to popularizing blockchain knowledge and blockchain technology industry university research innovation, promoting the industrial development of blockchain technology in Asia, providing blockchain developers and practitioners with knowledge dissemination, career development, software development and other life-cycle services, so as to meet their needs of learning, sharing knowledge and information, establishing career development social circle, and realizing technology development through software development Commercial demand.